Crazy USB Ferris Wheel – Easily The Most Useless Thing I’ve Seen All Day

USB Ferris Wheel

By Luke Anderson

Do you ever see a gadget that makes you stop and wonder what purpose its inventor was hoping it would serve? That’s exactly what the USB Ferris Wheel did for me. You’ll probably notice something that appears to be a phone docked next to the Ferris wheel, and that’s exactly what it is. But what could a Ferris wheel and a phone have to do with each other?

If you guessed that the Ferris wheel spins when a call is received, then you’re better off than I was, because I was clueless. I’m not really sure how it works since there’s no mention of it syncing with the phones, so it must be for use with VoIP service. If you have the room for a pointless gadget on your desk, you can pick one of these up for $27.

[USB Geek] VIA [Coolestgadgets]