Crayola Crayon Maker Recycles All Those Colorful Nubs

Crayola Crayon Maker (Image courtesy 7Gadgets)
By Andrew Liszewski

If you’ve got kids, you’ve got crayons. And if you’ve got crayons, you’ve probably got a big container of tiny crayon nubs that are even too small for kid fingers. But Crayola themselves now have a way for you to recycle all those worn down bits into new crayons, mixing and mashing whatever colors you like together.

If you’re a stickler for color purity there’s nothing stopping you from making boring single-colored crayons again. But the truly adventurous out there will be cooking up tie-dye inspired creations, thinking outside the limits of the crayon box. Amazon’s got it for just $19.95 right now, but I suspect you’ll easily be able to find one at your local toy store once the Christmas rush is over.

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