Crane Operator Playset – What’s Happened To Children’s Toys?

Haba - Shovelling Set (Image courtesy Baudino Maukilo)By Andrew Liszewski

I definitely feel that developing a healthy imagination is important for kids, and what better way to do so than by playing make-believe? When I was a kid we ran around pretending we were spies, ninjas, astronauts and even transforming robots. You know, things that were fun. But it seems today’s kids are being forced to pretend they’re stuck in a crappy 9 to 5 job.

First there was this ludicrous X-Ray Machine Playset which has kids spending their days looking for dangerous items that might make it onto a plane, and now there’s this crane operator playset that comes with a fake remote control you wear around your waist and a hard hat. Now I’ll agree it takes a whole lot of imagination to pretend you’re controlling a crane that isn’t there, but I don’t think any kind can ever muster enough imagination to pretend that playing crane operator is actually fun. I mean look at that kid’s face, he’s not enjoying this, he looks worried that he’ll be written up by the union for being late for work again. (His cartoons ran long.)

You can find it at Baudin Maukilo for $21.59.

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  1. Toys now are cheap crap, such as (shudder) Yu-Gio products. Toys back in the day were too dangerous (Im looking at you long-darts)… is there no happy medium?

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