Cracked Reveals The 20 Stupidest G.I. Joe Vehicles Ever

Cracked Reveals The 20 Stupidest G.I. Joe Vehicles Ever

G.I. Joe Cobra Imp (Image courtesy
By Andrew Liszewski

I’m sure part of my grown-up fascination with gadgets and technology was fostered by one of the greatest cartoons to ever hit the airwaves when I was a kid. G.I. Joe not only featured outlandish plots for world domination, awesome battles and crazy characters, but also some of the coolest war machines ever to be devised by man. While I’m not really sure who funded the Joes or Cobra, their military R&D budgets had to be in the trillions of dollars. But as points out, even with all of that money, some of their designs were not only impractical, but downright deadly to the poor soldiers assigned to ride or drive in them. I particularly like what they have to say about #9, the Cobra IMP which is pictured above;

Imagine showing up for war one day, and they tell you to get in this thing. The helmet this guy is wearing is going to serve about the same purpose as aluminum foil on a baked potato.

And as outlandish as some of the designs were, I can never fault a toyline that not only included an F-14 fighter (the Skystriker) that was bigger than a toddler, but also an aircraft carrier (the USS Flagg) that was probably bigger than me.

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