Cozy Suite Seats Will Make Flying Economy Less Awful

Cozy Seats

By Evan Ackerman

I’ve never flown first class. Not once. I know that if for some reason it ever happens, it’s going to make the rest of my life flying economy that much more depressing. But finally, finally, someone has come up with a seat configuration that looks like it’ll make the whole experience suck not nearly so much. Designed by Thompson Solutions, Cozy Suite seats are arranged on a diagonal, which somehow allows more seats to be stuffed into the airplane, while also offering numerous advantages to the occupants, including lots more privacy and a place to rest your head. You also get 2 more inches of legroom, an average of 2 more inches of seat width, and best of all, the seat reclines by sliding down and forward, having no effect on the seat behind you, which means I’ll be able to relax a little bit without feeling like a total jerk.

Delta (or DeltaWest or whatever it’s turning into) should begin retrofitting its Boeing 777 and 767 economy classes with Cozy Suites in 2010, which is not soon enough… These seats are better for passengers AND carriers, so let’s all get with the program, shall we?

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