CowWow: For That “Bottom Of The Cereal Bowl” Taste Baked Right Into The Milk


Milk is nutritous, only when it isn’t. After it’s had some sugary, artificially flavoured cereal soaking in it for a few minutes, it’s probably closer to candy than it is to anything you’d want to recommend as part of a healthy lifestyle. But, anything worth doing is probably worth overdoing, so screw that. CowWow is a flavored milk that tries to recreate that “bottom of the cereal bowl” taste, all the while skipping the eating of the cereal altogether; yes, skipping the part that might have had even a tiny bit of nutrition. There are currently two flavours, “Chocolate Chip Cathy and Fruity Trudy, with two more, Cinny Minny and Marsha Mallow, set for release later this year.”

Surprisingly, the nutritional sticker on this milk product isn’t as shocking as you’d expect, with a one-cup serving clocking in at 170 calories and 22g of carbs. Expect to see it in stores this summer.

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