Covertly Zap TVs With A DIY TV-B-Gone Hoodie

By Luke Anderson

Are you one of those mischievous pranksters that enjoys wreaking havoc on those around you? Then you’ve no doubt heard of the TV-B-Gone, which a certain group of bloggers used to cause chaos at last year’s CES. The consequences of their actions weren’t as severe as they could have been, but you can imagine that anyone caught with such a device this year will regret it. That of course doesn’t mean that you can’t still have some fun with it.

Okay, so I still don’t think you should use this at a big show like CES, because those people spend a lot of money and time working on those presentations. But I know that your creative mind can still find something useful to do with this DIY TV-B-Gone hoodie. While the IR LEDs are a dead giveaway, you could still probably get away with using this. The switch is contained in the zipper, which is connected to the circuit board via conductive thread. Now go forth, and wreak your havoc.

[ Instructables ] VIA [ UberReview ]

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