Covert Spy Coin Completely Conceals Your Micro SD Card

Micro SD Card Covert Spy Coin

You don’t have to be a spy to find some use for this covert spy coin. They’re different from most other concealed storage containers because they really look and feel like the real thing. The reason for that is because they are made from actual currency. They’re hand-machined from existing coins to create the secret interior compartment. There’s only enough space inside to fit a micro SD card or anything else that’s as tiny as these memory cards.

Once the card is inside, just place the other side of the coin on top and press shut. It comes with a special opening tool that you’re supposed to use to open the coin. Without this tool, you won’t be able to open it.

Pretty neat, isn’t it? Just remember to keep it separate from your other coins for obvious reasons.

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