Countertop Dish Dryer

Dish Dryer (Image courtesy Target)By Andrew Liszewski

I am unfortunately one of those few people who does not have a dishwasher at their disposal. But at the same time since I’m not feeding a large family at home I can last surprisingly long without having to do the dishes.

Anyone else who has to manually wash and then subsequently dry dishes will probably appreciate this countertop Dish Dryer available at Target. It has a 34 liter capacity which allows it to hold “up to 4 large size dishes, 8 medium size dishes, 6 small dishes, and 6 sets of chopsticks.” The chopstick drying capacity is apparently an important fact that needed to be mentioned on the Target website. The dryer uses a fan to ensure that the hot air is properly circulated around the dishes to promote faster drying but I don’t know for sure how long the drying process actually is.

The Dish Dryer is available from Target for $69.99.

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2 thoughts on “Countertop Dish Dryer”

  1. I’m sorry, I need it to hold at least twelve sets of chopsticks, just in case I decide that I need to refrain from using silverware for a month. 🙂

    Interesting thing, but it looks too big for most countertops.

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