CorTemp Internal Body Temperature Monitor

CorTemp Core Body Temperature Monitoring System (Images courtesy HQ Inc.)By Andrew Liszewski

Your standard thermometer can only reach so far, so if you’re really curious as to what temperature your insides are reading you’ll need to upgrade to this CorTemp Temperature Monitoring System. It consists of a monitoring device you need to carry on your person and an ingestible sensor you need to swallow. As the sensor travels through your body’s digestive tract it wirelessly transmits the core body temperature readings to the receiver, which then displays the temperature in a digital format in real time.

The receiver will also store the readings as measured over time for later analysis, and is capable of keeping track of the temperature data coming from 99 individual sensors. While I’m sure it’s not recommended to swallow 99 of the sensors at one time, the feature is probably convenient for medical professionals dealing with multiple patients.

The CorTemp starter kit which includes 10 free sensor pills will set you back $2,500, while 20 additional pills runs $800.

[ CorTemp Core Body Temperature Monitoring System ] VIA [ The Red Ferret Journal ]

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