Corona-Matic Waffle Keyboard Maker

Corona-Matic Waffle Keyboard Maker (Image courtesy Chris Dimino)
By Andrew Liszewski

Before you get too excited about the prospect of making the ultimate geek breakfast, I have to let you know that the Corona-Matic waffle maker is not a real product. Well to be more specific, it’s not a real product that you can actually buy from your local department store or even ThinkGeek. It was created by Chris Dimino as part of a project that involved breathing new life into a now useless product by giving it another purpose. In this case the ‘useless product’ was an old Corona typewriter that was reborn as the Corona-Matic which makes keyboard shaped waffles. As far as I can tell the Corona-Matic is actually a fully working prototype, but given how many people have probably used those keyboard keys over the years, I’d be somewhat hesitant of eating those waffles.

[ Chris Dimino’s Corona-Matic ]

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