Cordless Dremel Stylus

Dremel Stylus (Image courtesy Dremel)By Andrew Liszewski

The first tool any DIYer should add to their collection is the Dremel. It’s really amazing how many applications you can find for what is essentially a ridiculously fast drill. However I’ve never really been 100% happy with the ergonomics of the Dremel and have had it slip out of my hand a few times leading to some close calls.

The Stylus is a slight upgrade to the Dremel design and gives the tool an actual pistol grip like a standard drill has making it easier to hold onto. Of course the grip also provides a place to store a 7.2V lithium-ion battery allowing the Stylus to go cordless. Unfortunately I can’t find any info on the Dremel site as to what the battery life is actually like but given the Stylus’ variable speed motor that can reach 25,000 RPM I assume it doesn’t last that long. Of course I haven’t had a chance to play with one yet so hopefully I’m wrong.

The Dremel Stylus base kit includes a charging cradle plus an assortment of tools and is available at for $66.85.

[Dremel Stylus]

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  1. I recently got a Stylus, the functionality is really great. You are right about the battery length at high speeds. Full blast cutting on steel I get about 20 minutes of usage, which then takes three hours to recharge fully, that is the only draw back I have found. That and the charger base is a bit finicky, that could just be mine though. Other then those two things the Stylus is a great tool.

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