Cord Lock Flashlight

Cord Lock Light (Image courtesy Sahalie)By Andrew Liszewski

Sometimes a good idea doesn’t have to be as fancy as multi-touch gestures, or even a better way to catch a mouse. Flashlights are pretty much a necessity whenever you venture into the great outdoors (unless you carry a FLIR or night vision system) and since everything from clothing, to sleeping bags, to backpacks already come with some type of cord locking device, why not replace them all with one that’s got a built-in LED flashlight?

The Cord Lock Light, available from, is easy to install, features three brightness settings and is even water resistant. And with these installed on all of your gear, you’re always going to have a flashlight handy, whether you need to read a map, kill a mosquito or even fight off a bear. Best of all, they’re just $10 a pop, and you can save 50 cents each when you buy 2 or more.

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