LAPD HDTV cameraBy Asim Waqar

Its time you trade in your aging television for those drastically reduced price plasmas or even a home theater projector. If we are lucky, soon we will be able to watch “COPS” in high-def!

Cineflex, a design, engineering and manufacturing company specializing in motion control camera systems, announced today that the Air Support Division of the Los Angeles Police Department has deployed its Cineflex V14.

With its full HD resolution camera (1920 x 1080 lines of resolution), the Cineflex V14 HiDEF provides the ability to covertly surveil suspects with an unprecedented level of detail from thousands of feet up. The imaging allows aircrews to determine, for example, not just that a suspect is holding an object in his hand, but whether it is a handgun or cell phone.

Visit the Cineflex homepage here.

Technical Specifications for the Cineflex V14 HiDEF are available in PDF format here.

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  1. I can just see it now… Some toothless redneck calling all his kinfolk and saying, “Hey, y’all, I’ze gonna be on IMAX! You can almost feel mah chest smashin’ into the hood of that there pa-trol car!”

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