Cool758 Mobile Phone Comes With A Built-In Electric Razor… Finally!

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By Andrew Liszewski

Ok, so the iPhone’s finally got cut and paste, or at least will get cut and paste sometime this Summer, but Apple continues to ignore that other glaring omission on their uberphone. Who cares about an App Store when I’ve got all this annoying stubble on my face? And A2DP? That’s not going to get me looking presentable for a big meeting. So as of this point I’m ditching the iPhone and switching to the Cool758 which is currently selling for a mere $112.

Not only does it have dual SIM card slots, an FM radio and other standard cellphone crap, but removing a cover on the bottom reveals its true innovation, a built-in electric razor! I guess Apple is going to have to play catch up once again if they have any hopes of competing with this bad boy. (Standby time: 220-260 hours, Talking Time: About 2-3 hours, Shaving Time: Probably about a half hour.)

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9 thoughts on “Cool758 Mobile Phone Comes With A Built-In Electric Razor… Finally!”

  1. What I want to know is can you activate the video, put it on speaker and have a friend give you the blind commentary as you shave the places you cant see?

  2. Dont be afraid, mcman. Ingenuity should never be stifled due to unproven fears.

    At that cost, the pros outweighs the 'possible' cons.

  3. Mcman was all about to embark on his new journey when he realized he didnt want to explain to his friends that his life changing affirmation was passed to him by someone called the 'Anal-Avenger'.

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