Cool Rockets: Retro Rocket Lamps

Cool Rockets: Retro Rocket Lamps

Cool Rockets

By Evan Ackerman

Last time I checked (which was yesterday), the UFO lamp still isn’t available for purchase. So, it looks like you’ll just have to buy one of these terran rocket lamps, and use it to go get yourself a UFO the old fashioned way. Each rocket (only some of them light up) is resin-cast and hand finished for exquisite and unique detail. The designer, Jeff Brewer, has a background in the film industry (including flicks like Star Trek VIII, Men in Black, and Star Wars Episode 1) and he’ll even make you large scale custom rockets, for a price. The smaller “Fleet Edition” rockets can be yours for between $60 and $100. Lots of different styles are available, but the one in the picture above caught my eye, because it’s styled a lot like this rocket:

Cheesy Rocket

Anyone recognize it? If not, here’s a hint: cheese. On a side note, these retro rockets aren’t really retrorockets… until you turn them upside-down, that is.

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