Cook-N-Dine Table/Flameless Grill

By Bruce Eaton

Now the family can sit down to a fresh cooked meal easily because it is cooking at the table. The Cook-N-Dine, despite a horrible name, is an amazing design: it combines a flameless grill with the actual table. The one piece tabletop is food grade german stainless steel and has a center circle that can heat up to 430 degrees, so cooking chicken, pork, or infected meat is a go. Available in many sizes up to 42″, you can even order just the surface top and have it installed on a kitchen counter or island, turning your own kitchen into a makeshift Mongolian BBQ.

One of the coolest features is that when you turn on the 1800 watt heating element, the metal cooking circle in the middle actually bends down to form a shallow bowl to collect juices and drippings. Prices start at $1600 so the full meal deal of getting one in your kitchen will probably be alot of money.

[Cook-N-Dine] VIA [Uber-review]

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