Control Your TV From A Pillow

By Luke Anderson

There’s nothing worse than watching TV when suddenly a really bad show or infomercial comes on and the remote is nowhere to be found. It is at this point you begin to ponder whether or not your couch can actually eat objects. The problem is that remotes are rather small, and can easily be misplaced or lost. Sure, you could buy a larger remote, but that’s no fun. So why not stick it inside something bigger, like a pillow?

This Remote Control Pillow CaseĀ  looks like an ordinary pillow with an extra piece of cloth sewn on. Drawn on this extra cloth is the outline of a universal remote. This allows you to supposedly use the remote while it is contained in this pouch. What I don’t understand is how this tiny scrap of cloth justifies the $116 price.

[ UncommonGoods ] VIA [ UberGizmo ]