Contrail – Biking Community Tool

Contrail - Biking Community Tool (Images courtesy Studio Gelardi)
By Andrew Liszewski

A few months ago we brought you the Light Lane concept which attaches to the back of a bike creating a virtual light-up lane on the road’s surface, supposedly making riding at night a bit safer. Well the Contrail is a similar idea, but better suited for daytime rides. The concept was created by Studio Gelardi, and it consists of a small apparatus that applies a thin layer of colored chalk to a bike’s tire. As you ride, the chalk is transferred to the road, leaving a colorful trail behind you. Over time these trails on the road get more pronounced, which not only encourages other bikers to take the same route, but it also lets drivers know what roads are frequented with bike traffic, hopefully making them a bit more cautious.

[ Contrail – Biking Community Tool ] VIA [ Josh Spear ]

14 thoughts on “Contrail – Biking Community Tool”

  1. I bet they cant wait to sell a bunch of these to find out that theres dozens of laws on the books regarding the unauthorized marking of city streets. This probably was given the same thought as their ” go grab a can of spray paint and advertise where-ever-the-hell you feel like it ” campaign.

  2. Just don't ever use it when the road is wet, or ride through puddles–marking chalk is INCREDIBLY messy, and unless you're a geek riding a bike with fenders, chalk spray WILL cover you. What a friggin' mess!

  3. WOW! Road is looking very colorful, anyway it is nice concept as it encourages other bikers to take the same route where you are going but as you told it is suited for daytime rides only.

  4. Wow–reminds me that I had the same idea years ago to do the same thing but for skiing. Trailing a water-based, non-toxic ink from small reservoirs in the back of skis.

  5. Also has anybody taken into account chalk's funny little habit of lowering the friction between two objects? Like, oh I don't know, a tire and a road?

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