HTC Inspire 4G (Images courtesy AT&T)

Contest Time Again: Win An HTC Inspire 4G From AT&T

HTC Inspire 4G (Images courtesy AT&T)
By Andrew Liszewski

*Update: Thanks to everyone who entered. Once we’ve determined who the winner is, and successfully contacted them, we’ll announce it in the very near future.

Bundling up in layers of sweaters, coats, gloves, mitts and scarves is only so effective when it comes to battling the frigid temperatures that have descended upon many parts of the country. The best way to deal with the cold is to simply not deal with it by staying inside and waiting for Spring’s arrival. But then you run the risk of going stir-crazy, unless you have something to occupy your mind… like a new toy! So we’re teaming up with AT&T to provide one of our lucky readers with a brand new HTC Inspire 4G. If all this isn’t enough to distract you until warmer temperatures arrive, then I’m afraid nothing will:

– Enjoy the speed of the robust 1 GHz Snapdragon processor, and store the documents, pictures, music, and video you need using the 4GB internal memory and included 8GB microSD card.
– The 4.3″ super LCD capacitive touchscreen has a resolution of 480×800 for beautifully sharp images.
– Running on Android 2.2, the Inspire 4G can be customized with thousands of applications from Android Market.
– You can capture important moments with the powerful 8 MP camera equipped with autofocus, dual LED flash, and HD video recording.
– The HTC Hi-Fi Experience enriches your multimedia with dual mics for noise cancellation, Dolby®, and SRS® WOW HD surround-sound effects.
– HTC Sense 2.0 provides a custom user interface for enhanced social networking, navigation, and integration with connected services from
– The Inspire 4G includes Mobile Hotspot** support when used with a DataPro with Tethering plan, allowing you to share your connection with up to five devices.

But what’s inspired AT&T to be so generous to one of our lucky readers? Well that’s a good question. As you’re probably already aware, a certain Cupertino-designed phone has recently become available from another carrier in the United States. And while there are some advantages to using the iPhone on Verizon’s CDMA network, the siren’s call isn’t all it’s cracked up to be.

If you’ve been using an iPhone on AT&T for a number of years now you’ve probably grown accustomed to talking to people while surfing the web at the same time. Well unfortunately that luxury is only available on AT&T’s network with the iPhone, and if you think that’s something you can’t live without, AT&T would like you to head on over to their Talk and Surf Challenge on their Facebook page and let your voice be heard. So not only are we giving you the chance to win an HTC Inspire 4G, but there’s also the chance of you garnering a little web publicity from AT&T’s million+ Facebook fans.

You’ll find the contest specifics after the jump, including how to enter, but those of you who’ve participated in our giveaways before should already be familiar with what it entails.

How to enter: We’re keeping it simple this time again. To enter all you need to do is leave a comment on this article. And to better your chances you’re welcome to come back and leave a new comment every day until the contest is over. Just be aware that if you leave multiple comments in the same day, all but one will be deleted before the winner is declared. As to what you want to say, well we’ll leave that part up to you. Tell us what you’d do with a new HTC Inspire 4G, tell us what you had for lunch, just keep it interesting.

What am I winning again?: A brand spanking new HTC Inspire 4G from AT&T. Now it doesn’t come with service, so if you’re not already an AT&T subscriber you will have to sign up for the requisite contracts and data plans associated with the Inspire 4G, minus the cost of the smartphone itself of course.

Timeframe: The contest starts today, February 11, 2011, and will end a week from now at midnight on February 18, 2011. (So next Friday night.) And if you’re not sure when that is specifically given the time zones across the country, just make sure to get your comments in well before the deadline. Don’t worry about getting them in at the last minute, I promise it will not help your chances. At midnight the comments will be closed and the winner will be chosen via

Eligibility: We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again, while we love all of our readers around the world equally, because this contest is being sponsored by AT&T I’m afraid we’re going to have to limit it to only residents of the United States who are at least 18 years of age at the time of entry.

Good luck!

472 thoughts on “Contest Time Again: Win An HTC Inspire 4G From AT&T”

  1. Been using one of Sony's Ericsson models for too long now. Old phone got stolen and the Ericsson was super cheap so I got that, but have been looking to get a new phone for forever now. I love how this phone looks, as I also love my friend's Evo, which in my opinion is quite similar in style to this. Sign me up for the content please! =D

  2. I would love the Inspire mostly to replace the stupid IPHONE!!! Im sick of it! I want out of this vicious circle of mediocre technology….. help! 🙁

  3. The first thing I will do with this will be to void the warranty by any means necessary. I want to hack that thing until I give my self a heart-attack because I think it's bricked, then stay up all night trying to get it back to where I started. …. ahh the rush!

  4. This is what I need to change the world. I would love to have this while a medical student. I would be able to put drug and treatment programs on it, etc.

  5. I really need a new phone mine is on the fritz and don't have the income to just go out and buy a new one. I'm already with AT&T and am a huge fan of HTC phones. I feel they are the best on the market as far as reliability and durability goes. I had the old HTC 8125 and loved it.

  6. I'm an Apple hater, so I'm all for a little HTC Android love.
    However, the GF has an iPhone 3 — and she is NOT able to surf and talk (and has been a little miffed with the recent publicity that says her phone / carrier combination should allow this.
    But if I don't win this phone, I'll be content to remain a 'dumb phone' user.

  7. Love HTC, love pasta! Don't care for VZ but i get along with Droid on their network. I'd give ATT a chance and it prolly be a better 4G service than what I got now.

    Todays lunch is pizza!

  8. I want this phone so I can work from home, have to have a broadband connection because I live out of range of all broadband land-based carriers… I currently have the Sprint Overdrive, and it works… but if I can get the HTC Inspire for free, sign up for the Tethering plan, I can eliminate the Sprint Overdrive and just use the Inspire to it's full potential…

  9. Well quite a powerful phone with 1 GHz processor, 8 MP camera, 720p HD video recording. If i win then i will replace this phone with my 2.5 years old phone which doesn't have this much capability, processing power and so much social networking features.

  10. Day 1: The fuel smells like paint thinner. Luckily at Walmart, it only costs $2.00 for a bottle of Lighter Fluid. I just received my torch in the mail and was excited to use it. First step was to open the bottle. A ballpoint pen took care of that. I filled up the cup with the toxic fumed liquid. I got light headed, but that was probably good for what I was about to do. I grabbed the torch and dipped it in the cup. It bubbled a little while the pores filled with the flammable solution. A strike of the lighter and the torch was ablaze! I have watched many videos on the subject and knew what to do. With one quick action I tipped my head back, opened my mouth, used my tongue to guide it in and “GULP!”, the torch was extinguished. So concluded day one of my career as a fire eater.

  11. Well, I Been Using The Same Phone For A Couple Years, Need A New One, Why Not The Best One On AT&T? I Will Use It To Text Duh & Take Pictures Duh & Play Apps., Chea.! Videos? Hells Ya. Take Me To The Cloud If You Like.

  12. I guess I would use it to replace the iPhone 3G that I haven't ever gotten around to replacing. I keep on telling myself to finally upgrade it, but then I never end up going through with it.

  13. I would dive into a pool of used condoms and bloody tampons and swim 1000 miles using nothing but Rosie O'Donnell's queef as my only source of oxygen then run naked across 1000 acres of a jabanero pepper plantation just to smell the sweet aroma dissipating from her body that wind carried across the hall towards me.

    Oh wait…we're talking about a phone. Yes I would do the same thing just to get a free phone.

  14. On Thursday, for lunch, I had the most amazing sandwich ever made by man (and, I assume, animal).

    One 2-foot long whole wheat french bread, 2 chopped onions, 2 chopped tomatoes, 1 chopped cucumber, garlic mayonnaise, ketchup, mustard, and 220 grams of crispy chicken pieces.

    I had to pause in the middle and take a break.
    It had to be cut in half to be maintained.

    I have only two regrets: I did not name the sandwich, nor did I photograph it.

    If only I'd have had an HTC phone . . .

  15. Day 2: I learned an important lesson during practice today. Don't Inhale. The flames burned the roof of my mouth as I attempted to hold the torch between my teeth, causing me to gasp in panic. I felt the warm fumes shoot down my throat and fill up my lungs with a burning sensation I have only felt once before, in the chemistry laboratory. Turns out lighter fluid and nitrocellulose taste very similar. All in all, day two has proved as both a success and failure. While my teeth have become strong enough to hold a flame between them, my lungs will never forget that burning feeling.

  16. I will jump from Mountains on the Freezing Lake. If ice on freeze lake breaks and I goes inside then I will wait inside the lake for summer, so ice can melt down and I can come out. All I can do this and won't realize time if HTC Inspire is on my Hand that time. So I will never get bore even inside freezing lake. I will be having network there, isn't !!!

  17. Why weahter is do bad today. Will it rain / snow or I am going to get sunshine on tomorrow? Wait we are talking about phone. If I would have HTC smart phone then probably i wouldn't have to call at my home to check weather.

  18. Day 3: Its amazing how this composition of hydrocarbons can produce one of the most dangerous forms of energy in the world. When I was younger, I remember everyone told me to never play with fire. My mother warned me about the stove, the grade school teachers led us through fire drills, public safety announcements flashed between my Saturday morning cartoons, and that bear, constantly assuring me I could prevent ecological devastation. Yet here I go, another night of practice doing exactly what I was chastised for even thinking of doing so many years ago. Tonight I learned that I can gather the fumes from the Naphtha soaked wick in my mouth. Upon removal of the Torch, a visible flame burned as though I were a flickering candle in a window, waiting to be extinguished.

  19. I was first ‘Captivated’ by Samsung’s offering of an amoled screen and 16gb of memory standard. Soured by GPS issued, lack of froyo release, and plasticy build. I’m ‘Inspired’ by this HTC release and the features and build quality it brings to the lineup. My TyTn is still ticking…looking forward to getting it a new Android playmate. 🙂

  20. I have been a I phone user for several years, my wife just purchased and new I phone 3gs, but I sincerely like the Inspire versus the I phone as I just like the feel and the up to date innovations made. Its truly my type of phone and I like a phone, phone with convenient options the Inspire has. I really believe HTC is the best choice.

  21. Day 4: It is ironic how I spend most of my time practicing skills that usually garner attention, yet I am forever alone on this “romantic” holiday. I am not moaning about this relationship status, I have been there, done that, as they say. (Used to say.) Relationships bring with them a mass of problems that usually outnumber the joys. Yet, I watch each day as couples pass me by, hands clasped, happy for the moment but blissfully unaware of the pitfalls that lie ahead. There are those who choose to ignore the festivities and do their own thing, regardless of what their partner wants. Because today was a special day, I decided to take a risk with my fire play. Instead of ingesting the flame, I attempted the fire breathing stunt. The fuel for this is slightly different. A bit more waxy than the lighter fluid, but just as deadly. I have been practicing in the shower, taking mouthfuls of water, and blowing it against the ceramic wall. Some people call it “Fire Spitting,” but that will get you nothing but a wet shirt, and drooling chin. The steady stream of fluid between the lips causes the fuel to particulate. When blown at the torch, a majestic flame billows from the mouth as each of the droplets ignite, and one feels like the dragon they wished to meet since they were young. Today was a good day.

  22. If I don't win this phone I'm going to have to continue using my beeper. For the love of god.. do you know what it's like trying to find a payphone these days?

  23. I will tie myself with rocket and will flew towards sun on a rainy day. I will be still having chance to survive with rain, bitting cold in space and sun's hot flames. But winning here is more tough than that. If I win I can think of doing so. At least there will be some game of such kind :).

  24. Loving the best choices in phone category is really tough. Especially with all the review about phones on various sites which only list information about the product but do not let know us which one is better than the other. But so many people are talking about HTC Inspire and after reading AT&T challenge I would give this phone try and will love to win this.

  25. Maybe I just don't fully understand benefits of having best smartphone. But I just love it as it provides so much features, comfortability. Owning HTC phone with Android OS gives lot of choices in hardware and software.

  26. I would sure like the Inspire to use and talk with, its a fabulous phone and unlimited gizmos to work with. Us senior citizens like the up top shelf phones, especially the HTC droids .

  27. If I win this phone then I will break it, bake it in oven and will put in my fire pit. Then I will throw this in lake near my home. Finally I will see if it still works…. .. Relax guys.. Just kidding 🙂 who will do such things with such a lovely phone.

  28. Six months ago, a man and his blackberry were nearing the end of their relationship. The Curve's key weren't working and it's screen had a chip. The man decided that android was the way to go and being a loyal AT&T customer he had two options. The Aria and the Captivate. The Aria wasn't powerful enough and was too small. The captivate was a robust phone but not having any experience with Samsung, the man hesitated. He researched phones for weeks and saw rumors of the HTC Desire HD coming to AT&T. He tried being patient but the blackberry was failing and rumors of the HTC Desire proved to be just that, so he bought a captivate. He was immediately captivated and fell in love with all things android……………..until, his froyo update didn't come. So he waited and waited and waited until he couldn't wait anymore. He rooted his phone and installed a custom ROM, hoping that would abate his feelings of abandonment. But he couldn't shake those feelings of neglect, watching his friends bragging about the timely updates they receive on their EVO's. The feeling of being left out in the cold was replaced with elation, when he received word that AT&T would be selling the HTC Inspire 4G. That elation was short-lived after realizing that he was six months into a two year commitment with the Captivate that he no longer found captivating. Please help this man rediscover the joy of Android by bestowing on him the privilege of a phone that will see an update before it's manufacturer creates a newer, better model.

  29. Day 5: I didn't get to practice today. Instead of regaling you with anecdotes of my practice session, I will let you in on the origin of how I came to learn this fanciful stunt. It all initially started when I was young, around 5 or so. My older brother came home from school and showed me a magic trick: he put a penny in his mouth, and pulled it out of his ear. I was amazed! Being the youngest in the family, I was always competing to be better than my brothers. So what I decided to do was one up my brother, not only would I magically make a coin pass through my ear canal, but I would also make in morph into a completely different object! I ran to my room and grabbed a dime and a ball of Play-Doh. My 5 year mind at work, I stuffed the clay in my ear awaiting to be produced, and held the dime while running to get my brother. I told him how I would perform the same trick, but better. I stuck the dime in my mouth and went to grab the clay, but it… it was stuck! I dug around for a minute, unable to dislodge the dough, and got very embarrassed. I said it had failed and walked away, miserable.

    A few months later, as I rested on my mother's lap, she asked me what that colorful stuff was in my ear. A trip to the children's hospital and ENT specialist later, I could hear just fine.

    But how does this apply to fire? Well the interest in magic sparked an interest in juggling, which sparked an interest in all things skill related, which includes fire eating. its been a very interesting 17 years since that day my brother impressed me with his penny.

  30. oooh, that phone is
    sweeter than honey
    and guess what?
    i'd rather keep my money

    so all I want you to do for me
    is send me that phone
    (i'll talk a little bit, ooh, and text a little bit)

    r-e-s-p-e-c-t, yo Gizmo, AT&T
    r-e-s-p-e-c-t, i love that HTC

  31. HTC is nice… all the better that I might not have to pay full retail price. Android is fun– froyo, gingerbread, honeycomb, ice cream sandwich…I'm getting hungry…oh my! AND they left the LED indicator so I don't compulsively check for messages when step away from my office bunker.

  32. HTC has been making phenomenally good phones, PDAs, and other digital devices for a long time. This latest AT&T offering seems to be another feather in their cap. And I would LOVE to have one!

  33. I agree to AT&T challenge. Good bye my old motorolla razor. Motorolla razor I trusted you and thanks for staying with me so far. But I need to go with time and upgrade my phone. This contest give me much needed execuse to update my phone.

  34. I was “stolen” when I received my current HTC. My phone company offered to me HTC Touch 2 to convince me to stay for longer with them. I heared HTC and I thought: yeahhh, Android!! But…as you all will know now, when I switched it on I found out Windows 6.5 was starting…:(

    Come on, let me try Android!! =P

  35. I am currently using an I phone, but really like the HTC Inspire after looking it over this last weekend. Its really a great phone with all the nice uses for me. I am a senior, but a techno senior and this is truly a great phone.

  36. I'm ashamed to admit this, but here I go. I have a Blackberry and I work at a digital agency where developing apps is a daily occurrence. I'm commonly made fun of, mocked and during a meeting with google, was the only person in an entire conference room to raise their hand when asked “who has a blackberry.” Please help me by eliminating the shame in my life and bringing my magic pocket box into the 21st century.

  37. My one friend works in the Fire fight department. He tells me story sometimes and I realize how risky their life is and they have to be attentive every seconds of their job. But wait…… shouldn't I talk about HTC Inspire 4G ?? Yes ofcourse.. As I said Nice phone and would love to win… So where was I ?? Oh yes.. My one firned works in ….

  38. Day 6: Hmm.. the roof of my mouth is peeling. Perhaps this fire-eating isn't as safe as I thought it was? I figured out today that drinking a bit of the fluid will give you terrible indigestion, as well as odd tasting burps, for the rest of the evening.

    Moral of the story: DON'T SWALLOW THE LIQUID!

  39. sure why not I'll try and win one. My current phone remind me of a cheap remote replacement, so all I can do is hope to win a better phone! I am also a big fan of the Android OS and HTC does make an excellent phone! Maybe one day… hey a man can dream right

  40. Dreaming about the aluminum monobloc chassis in my paws…beats the slippery glass or plastic back plates. I will use the dual LED flash to stun intruders trying to break into my abode. Batter’s UP!

  41. This HTC phone is the ultimate, I as a senior citizen techno will gladly get rid of my iphone and be happy doing it as this phone is so top notch for me. The time I spent looking at it this last weekend was the best spent educational decision time for a phone that I have ever spent. A phone above all phones.

  42. Maybe I am too old to handle such phone with so many features. But I find it difficult to see number or name who is calling on my phone. One of features of this phone to announce the name of caller which is most desirable features which I ever wanted on cellphone. It could help me lot.

  43. Have you ever walked down the street and all of a sudden you realize that you're going towards the complete opposite direction of where you're supposed to be going? But instead of just turning a complete 180 and walking back towards the direction that you came from…you always feel the need to stop, look around, look up (I don't know why). PAUSE. Look around again. Stare at your watch, pull your phone out. Look around. Then turn around and walk back. Now, you just wasted 5 minutes of life, pretending that you aren't lost and half the of the people around you, thinks you're crazy.

  44. Day 7: Now is as good a time as any to give some reasons as to why I want to play with this beautiful new phone.

    1. I am using an iPhone 3G. The story behind me getting this phone is that I bought it a week before the 3GS came out… this always happens to me. When I was young, I saved up money to buy a game boy. Not easy to do on a dollar per week allowance. But I finally did! I got a green version of the brick. A month later, they unveiled the game boy color. So I bought myself a game boy color…. what happens? The game boy advance is released! So I ask for one for Christmas. THE SP IS RELEASED SOON AFTER! I decide not to make that mistake again with the DS. So I wait until they rehash it. Lo and behold, they do, which I buy greedily! But look how far I was behind all those years. With Apple, I feel the same way as when I was growing up, always being behind in technology because of the absurd speed of release. (And lack of refining the device released.)

    2. The power just went out in my hometown tonight. I was stranded using my iPhone's E network capabilities to keep me sane and updated during the outage. Compared to my friend's HTC phone, it lost pitifully. I need to upgrade.

    3. With my iPhone out of commission, I could give it to my friend for her 22nd birthday this coming Tuesday. (The 22nd of February.) She is still running off of a Razor phone from 7 years ago. It works, but she is starting to feel left out. By letting her play with my old iPhone, she can join the “cool” kids with a touch screen smart phone.

  45. “Save a red, eat a gray!” I will look up recipes on the web with my HTC Inspire whilst calling all my friends to invite them to the BBQ. Try that on a CDMA network…. rotflmaofadl.

  46. And the #1 reason to give me a new HTC Inspire? (See other posts for reasons #2-5) I borrowed my mom's iphone and i had to call her on landline to ask her how to use it… and she's 67. Please, oh please OH GizMo, Save ME from my smartphone lameness!

  47. I would give this phone to my sister and will let her use this phone. She is the one who spends lot of time on social networking sites and keep engaged our only pc at home. So she can do everything which she does on PC and I can have PC for my project / homework use.

  48. I would really love to have a HTC phone like the Inspire as I think the phone is much better quality than Iphone(which I now own) and has all the apps to make it truly a phone for me.

  49. Nowadays a lot can be done through mobile phone which we never ever thought 10 years ago. Technologies has given a power computer on palm of your hand which has everything from phone, GPS, mp3 player, Radio to Camera, video recording, cloud computing.

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