Contax’s i4R,

By David Ponce

Every now and then a digicam catches my eye. This particular one reminds me of an old model (non-digital) Kodak my parents used to own. It was just this shape, made from cheap plastic, with a flash on the front… ring a bell anyone? I can’t even remember what it was called.

In any case, this camera from Contax not only looks like a delicious retro monolith, it features RTUNE technology, which allows you to take up to 3 pictures per second, continuously, until your high speed SD card fills up. Also: 4 MP, Carl Zeiss lens, startup in less than a second, shutter lag of less than 0.7 seconds, and all that love.

Visit the company’s website where you can get more specs. You can also participate in a fun game called “Hunt for this thing’s price”. I, for one, got bored a little quick.

Story VIA GadgetMadness.

Updates: As per comments, it seems the unit might go for something like $300 and, uh, Contax is bankrupt? Anyone can verify this?

5 thoughts on “Contax’s i4R,”

  1. The camera you are thinking of used an old film format called 110 cartridges. They were cheap little bricky-cameras, which could easily slip into your pocket -and your heart- anhhhh!

  2. Too bad Contax is history…belly up…pinin’ for the fyords…closed down…out of business… more….

    They’ll be started up by someone again, but for now, they’re…..


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