Constant Shaker Chair Calculates Your Calories Burned While Fidgeting

Constant Shaker (Image courtesy Alice Wang)
By Andrew Liszewski

Growing up I had a nasty habit of bouncing my leg under the table during dinner which I’ve since solved by simply eating my meals on my living room couch instead. But seeing the Constant Shaker chair created by Alice Wang as part of her Chairs for the Dysfunctional exhibit, I have to wonder if all my fidgeting wasn’t a good thing.

According to her site, researchers think that the unconscious muscle movements might be intentionally triggered by our brains to burn additional calories when we’re inactive. So Alice’s Constant Shaker chair features a sensor that will actually calculate the amount of calories you’ve burned while not sitting still, and will display the results on a simple LCD.

[ Alice Wang – Chairs For The Dysfunctional – Constant Shaker ] VIA [ MoCo Loco ]