Constant Garden Is A Practical Plant For Your Desktop

Constant Garden

By Evan Ackerman

Plants are nice I guess, but as far as I’m concerned, they have two major problems: they’re demanding, and they’re useless. The Constant Garden is a plant I can appreciate, since (being made of rubber) it requires no maintenance, and as each stalk has a little speaker and an LED embedded in it, it performs a function and looks pretty. The designer, Vitorio Benedetti, imagined the Constant Garden to be a sort of desktop calendar thing… It syncs with your computer, and reminds you of appointments and stuff with “a coordinated audio visual approach.” The rest of the time, it can play “garden sounds,” whatever those are. What kinds of sounds do plants make, anyway? Irrespective of what the Constant Garden is supposed to do, I really like the organic look and feel, and it would bring a much needed something alive(ish) to any sterile work environment.

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