ConnectVu Cam 3G Can Be Monitored By Cellphone

ConnectVu Cam 3G (Image courtesy CCTVMobile)
By Andrew Liszewski

Looking to keep an eye on your property, employees or baby sitter? While the ConnectVu Cam 3G is not exactly the most subtle solution to the problem (unless you can stuff it in a large teddy bear) it does allow you to monitor the video signal from a 3G cellphone. The camera itself features a 352×288 pixel CCD with viewing angles of 58° diagonal, 46° horizontal and 38° vertical. It’s actually designed to be tied into an existing alarm system, and when the alarm goes off, the camera will automatically call your cellphone (up to 5 numbers can be programmed) allowing you to monitor the situation in real time.

The camera also features infrared LEDs for use at night, and a small microphone for hearing what’s going on around it. The camera’s settings can be adjusted by simply sending it an SMS text message, and it features a USB connection for software updates. The internal battery is good for about 250 hours of standby time and about 4 hours for a continuous video call. The camera can also be connected to an external power source if you intend to use it for longer than that.

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