‘Congratulations! You Get To Sit Near Me’ Kid’s Travel Shirt

Congratulations! You Get To Sit Near Me Shirt (Images courtesy Milkbomb)
By Andrew Liszewski

Thinking back to Summer vacations during my own childhood and what my parents had to deal with, traveling with kids in tow can’t be a fun experience. And while I’ve thankfully never had a screaming baby or child on a single flight, I can’t imagine that it would make for an enjoyable trip. (Given how already un-enjoyable flying can be.) But I’m also the type who tries to see the humor in every situation. So if I ever lost the airline seating lottery and got stuck next to a young kid, I’d have to cut them some slack if they were wearing this clever ‘Congratulations! You get to sit near me’ shirt. But if they started to wail once we got airborne, you’d better believe I’d still be riding that flight attendant call button.

The shirt (or snapsuit) is available from Milkbomb in a variety of child and infant friendly sizes, ranging in price from $20 to $24.

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4 thoughts on “‘Congratulations! You Get To Sit Near Me’ Kid’s Travel Shirt”

  1. They need soundproof (hmm and leakproof) hamster balls for babies in flight. Your bebeh is now free to roll around the cabin!
    Seriously, I would be feeling some harsh resentment for anyone cocky enough to put this on their baby. Its bad enough I have to sit next to it, now you’re going to rub it in? Not cool.

  2. I have a 2 year old and a 4 month old and live overseas. We fly back once a year to visit family. The last trip back from the USA with our 1.5 year old they put us in three middle seats in three different rows on a FULL plane not made for international travel (two rows of three seats). So already we needed two people to move from a aisle or window to a middle seat. Then the turbulence and crying began. Our daughter cried for 6 of the 8 hour flight. Every time I tried to walk with her in the plane the flight attendants told us to return to our seat, we tried everything we could think of. IT WAS HELL. People around us where pissed but other than putting a sac over her head we did not have a lot of options. I use to think I was a international travel ace.. Now that we travel with kids I am one of “THOSE” people.

  3. That is one sadistic shirt…

    Jason, horror story indeed. I don’t know if it makes you feel better, but, even though I can’t stand babies crying, I have no problem with the poor parents. It’s not like you *like* it when they cry…

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