Condiment Gun – Do You Feel Delicious Punk?

Condiment Gun (Images courtesy Firebox & 20th Century Fox)
By Andrew Liszewski

I’m not going to accuse anyone from stealing yet another idea from The Simpsons because quite frankly I think the idea of a toy gun filled with ketchup or mustard is a great idea. The Condiment Gun might look like an oversized six-shooter, but it uses special sauce cartridges you can fill with your topping of choice. Just make sure it’s not something chunky like relish or salsa that could clog the barrel. Once the gun is loaded you just need to take aim at your food and squeeze the trigger for a controlled stream of deliciousness.

Of course it’s probably inevitable that your backyard BBQ will turn into a show-down at the OK Corral (if you happen to live at the OK Corral I guess) so hopefully they’ll eventually come out with a Condiment Shotgun that will allow you to keep the peace as chef and sheriff.

The Condiment Gun comes with 2 sauce cartridges and is available for pre-order from Firebox for about $30.

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