Concrete Building Blocks (Images courtesy Etsy seller studio1015)

Concrete LEGO Blocks Will Ensure Your Childhood Memories Last Forever

Concrete Building Blocks (Images courtesy Etsy seller studio1015)
By Andrew Liszewski

Did you ever spend hours as a kid assembling a LEGO masterpiece only to have one of your siblings come along and destroy it? Well that never would have happened if you had constructed it from these concrete building blocks which resemble, but are in no way officially licensed by, LEGO. In fact, while they might look exactly like your standard 2×4 LEGO building block, they actually appear to be just slightly larger. And I doubt they feature the cutout on the bottom allowing the pieces to stack and connect. So you’ll also need a small trowel and a cup of mortar to keep your creations together.

A set of 6 Concrete Building Blocks is available from Etsy seller studio1015, aka Tara Ketchum, an architecture grad student who fell in love with concrete, for just $8.50.

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