Concept Weather Predicting Clothespins

The word “concept” is an euphemism for “Wouldn’t it be cool if we could actually do something like this?” And I think that’s about as far down the production line that this particular product has gone. Nonetheless, as far as ideas go, it’s a pretty good, if not entirely useful, one.

The brainchild of Oliver MacCarthy, the Weather Predicting Clothes Peg will only open for you if they sense that the weather will be clement. A micro solenoid actuated latch will clamp them shut if the software (coded into the integrated micro-controller circuits) determines it’s going to rain, thus saving your clothes from a natural shower.

They’re kept in a special container, and the pins know when they’re being used, remaining in either clamped/unclamped position once they’ve been removed from the container.

If this ever sees the light of day, it will most likely cost you your left arm. You’ll still have the right arm to hang your clothes with, though, and you’ll be smiling the wise and knowing smile of those who spend too much for their technology. Story VIA WMMNA.