Concept Weapon, The Piezer

By David Ponce

Mr. Law Enforecement Agent Man… you’ve got yourself a dangerous dude running away from you. He’s armed and dangerous and all that jive. You don’t want to kill him however… no. That would be too final… too abrupt. You want to incapacitate him, turn him into a heavy heap of frothing bacon on the ground. You take your taser out… but alas… the perp is out of range due to the short 35ft range of your regular everyday M26 taser. Those pesky cables only go out so far…

Not so if the Department of Homeland Security ends up adopting one of the many ideas being put forth as part of a special request it has made on its website. One of these such proposals is The Piezer, which can be fired from a 12-gauge shotgun up to 150 feet, shocking and stunning whoever it hits.

In other words… a shotgun with electric pellets, sans the wires. Very cool, in an I’d-rather-be-shocked-and-frothing-at-the-mouth-than-full-of-holes sort of way.

Check out the article here. Story VIA DoubleViking.