Concept Shelf Splits With Your Book Collection

By Evan Ackerman

No matter how much of a technophile you are, you’ll be hard-pressed to replace any of your books with a gadget. ::Cough:: And books, you know, just kinda pile up. In piles. Which is why some enterprising souls invented first the bookcase, and then the expandable bookcase, and finally this splittable bookcase, which lets you stuff an infinite amount of books into a finite (but expandable) amount of shelf.

It’s really rather brilliant. Since you try and cram everything ever written into the one single bookcase you own anyway, you might as well get once like this, which actually expands to accommodate it. There’s a hinge at the bottom, a split up the middle, and expander thingies hidden inside the hollow shelves. I imagine eventually the shelves will get completely horizontal, and instead of bookshelves you’ll have a book arc, at which point you can color coordinate your entire collection and have a book rainbow. And won’t that be special.

Currently this bookshelf is just a concept, but I bet you could hammer together something comparable if you put your mind to it.

VIA [ Design Blog ]