Concept Shelf Grows With Your Book Collection

Concept Shelf Grows With Your Book Collection

By Luke Anderson

Have you ever gone out to buy a bookshelf, only to find that once you’ve filled it with all of your books, it still looks a bit empty? Sure, you can put some knick-knacks here and there to fill the void, but that doesn’t always do the trick. So what if you could buy a bookshelf that expanded and contracted to fit just the amount of books in your collection?

This concept design dubbed the REK Bookcase from designer Reinier de Jong is designed with expansion in mind. There are a total of five pieces which slide away from each other to create shelves for your books. As your collection grows, you can simply pull out the next piece to accommodate it. Unfortunately this appears only to be a concept item for now.

[ ReinierDeJong ] VIA [ GearFuse ]

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