Concept Microwave Lets You Watch YouTube While You Wait


By Chris Scott Barr

Lets say you’re in the kitchen, and you’ve decided to heat something up in the microwave. You’ve got two, maybe three minutes to kill, what do you do with the time? Chances are you’ll just stand there staring at your food as it spins round and round. Well wouldn’t it be cool if you could watch a quick YouTube clip to pass the time? Soon you may be able to do that very thing, right from your microwave.

The Castoven is a working prototype microawave which features a built-in 10.4-inch LCD screen in the door, along with a pair of speakers. When put something I to cook, it finds a random YouTube clip (of a similar length of time) and plays it while your food is cooked. It does however, currently require you to have it hooked up to a computer to work. It’s possible that they may be able build one directly into the unit in the future. No word on whether they plan on releasing this to the public for sale, or if it will simply be another concept gadget to tease us. (Video after the jump.)

[ Asiajin ] VIA [ CrunchGear ]

5 thoughts on “Concept Microwave Lets You Watch YouTube While You Wait”

  1. Hey, maybe they could sell these as monitors. Then instead of that slim line one you use now you can have a big bulky one. Wait, something sounds awfully familiar.

  2. The only problem is, if there is any load time and does it consider it? If it doesn't, what happens when the food is done and the clip isn't. Is it just going to cut off? Also is there a filter on what will play? I mean I know 4 year olds that know how to microwave things, and I know lots of youtube videos not suitable for kids.

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