Concept Headset Can Make You Better, Stronger, Faster And Harder!

By Jonathan Kimak

This conceptual headset, named the Nike FeelFree, uses binaural beats to stimulate the brain in a variety of ways. Binaural beats are a combination of two tones at slightly different frequencies. One tone is presented and heard by one ear while the second tone is presented and heard by the other ear. The user must have stereo headphones on for the binaural sounds to have an effect.

Depending on the frequencies, the binaural sounds emitted can help with meditation, focus, learning and sleeping. The FeelFree will have adjustable settings for each of those functions. The aim is for an individual to wear this for a period of time during their activity of choice and be able to get the maxium beneficial effect from it. The frequencies for concentration, betweeb 13 and 40Hz, are also linked to arousal, so be careful where you choose to study.

I have a CD that uses binaural sounds mixed in with relaxation sounds that is meant to stimulate the brain into a meditative mode without the need to spend 20 years sitting atop a mountain. I haven’t used it often enough to say whether it actually works or not though. The FeelFree would not use music or hamper your hearing as it would conduct the sounds through the bones in your head.

I think it would be quite cool if this ever got made.

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