Concept Gadget Makes Sure You Always Have The Perfect Sized Bandage


By Chris Scott Barr

Cuts come in all shapes and sizes, which is why bandages also come in variety packs. Unfortunately it seems that no matter which size you need, that’s the one missing from the medicine cabinet. Wouldn’t it be great if you could determine the length of the bandage, much the same way you do with a piece of tape? Well someone has had that very idea, and thinks it could be very feasible.

The Long and Short Plaster (I had no idea that some people called an adhesive bandage a “plaster”, we just always said Band-Aid) looks very much like a tape dispenser, and works on a similar principal. Obviously, since you’re adding gauze to the strip, there is a little more to it, but not much. What you’re left with is a bandage that is the perfect size for your cut. I could see a good demand for this, if it gets out of the concept stage.

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7 thoughts on “Concept Gadget Makes Sure You Always Have The Perfect Sized Bandage”

  1. The generic term for a Band-Aid around here is adhesive bandage, but everyone calls them band-aid. How does this device expect to keep everything sterile?

  2. My question is how do they cut it and leave the stick part on the other side? I mean, is there two cutters, one that cuts just the gauze, and another that goes all the way down and cuts the tape part? That sounds complex and sounds like it will carry a high price tag.

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