Concept Design Brings Back The Floppy Disk

By Luke Anderson

I’m very glad that I’m living in the age I do. Sure, part of my childhood was spent using floppy disks as a medium of storage, but thankfully CD’s and later USB flash drives became a much better alternative. I believe the last time I even used a floppy disk was to install SATA drivers on a Windows XP machine a year or two ago. Well if you’re into the retro thing and want to relive the “good ol’ days” then check out these USB Floppy Disks.

This concept calls for the use of actual recycled floppy disks to house some type of USB storage. If these could be created for a decent price, I think there would be a decent market for them. You’d definitely get some strange looks pulling out a floppy disk and hooking it up to your computer.

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