Computer Mouse Doubles As Scanner

It’s a corded mouse, so it’s tempting to dismiss it as a useless trinket from 2005. But this mouse by King Jim Co. doubles as a document scanner. Just press a button on the side and it launches the related application. You’re then invited to move the mouse around over the document you want until it’s been entirely scanned. The document is scanned at up to 400dpi, which is pretty respectable, and then saved in one of several file formats. It doesn’t say however what kind of movements are required during the scanning process; whether you can just move it around the page randomly as we’d like to (and as the pictures suggest), or if you have to be more methodical. Regardless, it’s a useful feature to have in a mouse, and you’ll have to pay 11550 Yen ($114) for the privilege.

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  1. Ha! I was wondering when this would come up. I remember in the 80’s and early 90’s when the only (affordable / consumer level) scanner where like big mouse and took a steady hand to scan documents 🙂 Although this looks to me to be more of a novelty than a real useful product, I can see where this can be practical. I may buy one 🙂

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