Comply Whoomp! Earbud Enhancers

Comply Whoomp Earbud Enhancers (Image courtesy Comply)By Andrew Liszewski

I’m a big fan of Sony’s ‘in-ear’ earbuds when it comes to listening to music on the go. Not only do they keep most other sounds out but they also ensure whatever I’m listening to isn’t being broadcasted to people standing around me. But I always keep a pair of the standard iPod white earbuds on hand in case something happens to my Sonys.

While I’m not really crazy about how the included iPod ones sound the main reason I don’t regularly use them is that they’ve never really fit well in my ears, even the latest versions that started shipping with the new Nano. Thankfully it seems I’m not the only person unhappy with their fit since a company called Comply makes these Whoomp! earbud enhancers that basically snap onto the iPod’s headphones and provide a soft extension that allows them to fit inside the ear canal. It’s also claimed that the Whoomp! makes the iPod headphones sound like more expensive models by increasing the bass response but I have my doubts.

The Whoomp! enhancers are available on the Comply website in a set of 4 for $19.95.

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  1. Sounds like you have not had the chance to try the product from Hearing Components. Actually, it really works and there are both subjective and objective data to back up the claim.

    I’m a clinical auduiologist who has completed a research project relevant to the Whoomp by placing a probe microphone at the tympanic membrane and measuring thr frequency response of music supplied through an iPod. This was done with standard Nano earbuds and the Comply product, over 4 subjects (so far).

    While there was an overall enhancement in frequency response, the most noteable improvement was in the low frequencies. That enhancement was of the magnitude of 30-40 dB, making for a significant improvement in the quality of the sound.

    Your doubt can be alleviated immediately by simply trying the product. I plan to repeat the study with a recorded pure tone or NBN sweep, but anticipate the same results.

    Hope this helps.

    K.E. Smith, Ph.D.

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