Compliment Your Smoking Habit With A Lighter Phone

Compliment Your Smoking Habit With A Lighter Phone


By Chris Scott Barr

My iPhone can do a lot of awesome things. There’s even an app that turns the screen into a virtual lighter, for when a particularly great song comes on during a concert. What it can’t do is actually light something on fire. In fact, until this Lighter Phone from Seabright came along, I didn’t know of any that could achieve such a feat (unless you count the occasional battery overheating).

This strange little phone has a small slider on the back, which reveals what appears to be a small strip of metal (or coil) that heats up. Stick your cigarette in the hole and light up. This GSM phone might not pack a lot of other features, but if you have a habit of losing lighters, it might just come in handy. Unfortunately I wasn’t able to obtain pricing information from the company website.

[ Seabright ] VIA [ CoolestGadgets ]