Compact Concepts Circular Kitchen

Circular Kitchen (Image courtesy Neatorama)
By Andrew Liszewski

Now even the smallest of apartments, houses or even offices can enjoy a reasonably sized and well-equipped kitchen. From Compact Concepts comes this Circular Kitchen that incorporates everything you’d normally find in a kitchen like a fridge, dishwasher, microwave or microwave/oven combination, coffee maker, ceramic cook top and even a working range hood all within a space of only 1.8 square meters.

While the top portion of the unit that houses plates and glassware can rotate 360 degrees the rest of the Circular Kitchen can only rotate 180 degrees presumably to facilitate things like power hook-ups and plumbing. There are different configurations available tailored to where they will be installed like an apartment model or even a hotel room model and from what I can tell they can even be further customized to your compact needs.

For more information on the Circular Kitchen visit the Compact Concepts website.

[Compact Concepts Circular Kitchen] VIA [Neatorama]

8 thoughts on “Compact Concepts Circular Kitchen”

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  2. I could see this as being useful even if you don’t have a small kitchen.

    Imagine having all your plates in one rotating section, then next to your stove (even with the stove in it) there is all your cookware, spices, oven, broiler, all in one spot.

    This could really make smaller and larger kitchens much more efficient.

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