Coming Soon: An App That Lets You Measure Stuff Using Your Phone

Smart Picture Technologies Measuring Tape

Smartphones have replaced cameras, MP3 players, pedometers, remote controls, and even notebooks. Whatever you want to do, there’s probably already an app for that. And with Smart Picture Technologies’ up-and-coming app, you can now toss that old roll of measuring tape because you can use your phone (and their app) instead.

To measure the length of an object, just take a picture of it and the app will do the rest. The app works by generating a “smart picture” of the object once you take a picture of it. You can then choose any two points in the picture (in this case, you should choose the start and end of the object) and the app will give you the distance between those two points.

Other apps have promised to do the same, but this seems to be the real deal. The app is slated for release next year.

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2 thoughts on “Coming Soon: An App That Lets You Measure Stuff Using Your Phone”

  1. Ah, I see. You take several pictures and it builds up a 3D image. This could be very useful for much more than measuring distance. Accident and crime scenes come to mind.

  2. Impressive that it shows a 3D rendering! Other apps I have used in the past use a marker so you have to have something like a credit card or dollar bill as a reference point so it would know the scale to measure by. This would be neat but I’m wondering if it needs a reference point (marker) to work as well.

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