Comic Strip Bandages For When You Get Beaten Up By Campy 1960’s Villains

Ouch Comic Strip Bandages (Image courtesy Andrew Liszewski

We’ve covered more than our fair share of novelty bandages, including ones that are made to look like tattoos or bacon, and even some that are made from actual duct tape. But these Comic Strip bandages look to be the least embarrassing of the bunch, particularly if you spend your days hanging around comic book stores. They feature campy exclamations of pain including POW, OUCH!, WHAAM!, AARGH!, OOOW! and BAM with designs that look like they were lifted straight from a comic book with a wad of Silly Putty.

They’re available from for just $4.99 and come in a metal tin which includes 24 bandages. (4 of each design.)

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