Colorlight DVD Plays Colors… And That’s It

Colorlight DVD Plays Colors… And That’s It

Colorlight DVD (Images courtesy Charles & Marie)
By Andrew Liszewski

Instead of popping in the latest Hollywood blockbuster to show off your new 60-inch LCD screen why not try the Colorlight DVD? Instead of explosions and car chases the DVD “softly rotates through a series of wonderful colors in all sorts of hues and creates a wonderfully pleasant mood…

I guess if you have some weird obsession with everything in the room matching the color of the walls this might be a handy way to make your TV match too but other than that I have to ask why? Particularly in a time where people are encouraged to reduce their energy use I don’t think leaving your TV on displaying random colors is a good way to reduce your carbon footprint, even if it does create a ‘pleasant mood.’

And at $25 from Charles & Marie you might just want to hang a piece of colored fabric over your TV instead.

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