Coleman Remote Lantern

Coleman Remote Lantern (Image courtesy Coleman)By Andrew Liszewski

Going camping doesn’t necessarily mean you need to leave all the comforts and conveniences of a civilized society at home. For example take a look at this rugged lantern from Coleman. It’s battery powered and uses a fluorescent U-tube instead of the more traditional propane and open flame but the best part is that it also includes a wireless remote. The pocket-sized remote uses 2 AAA-batteries and can turn the lantern on and off from up to 30 feet away. So instead of blindly stumbling into your tent at night, knocking stuff all over you can easily switch on the lantern before you even open the flap.

The Coleman Remote Lantern is available for $25.99 on their website.

[Coleman Remote Lantern] VIA [Uber-Review]

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