Coleman Remote Control Tent Light Complete With Horribly Close-Cropped Product Shot

Coleman Remote Control Tent Light (Image courtesy Coleman)
By Andrew Liszewski

I usually go out of my way to hunt down the best shot for a product, but this is the actual photo Coleman uses for this tent light on their site. I know it’s not exactly their flagship product or anything, but come on, someone needs to be supervising those website interns. And even though a remote control tent light is a pretty simple idea, I could’ve really used one during my camping adventures last year. The light uses a bright Xenon bulb powered by 4 AA batteries, and it easily attaches to the roof of your tent. So while you’re getting ready for bed, you don’t need to fumble with a flashlight.

The tent light I used last Summer unfortunately didn’t have the luxury of a remote control, so I had to get up and manually switch it off. At that point I had to find my way back to my bed and climb into my sleeping bag in complete darkness. Now I know camping is supposed to be about ‘roughing it’ and all that, but I’ll gladly include a simple convenience like this on my compromise list. Unfortunately though, while the light is listed on Amazon, they don’t appear to have any in stock at the moment.

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