Coin, One Card To Rule Them All


That’s another one of our awful headlines. What place does a LOTR reference have in discussing this particular piece of technology, we wonder… Anyway, that makes Coin no less awesome. It’s a programmable bank card in which you store all your other cards, and use only that instead. In other words, you don’t have to carry three credit cards and two debit cards in that fat wallet anymore, since you can just carry Coin. At a point of sale, simply decide which card you want Coin to be, and it’ll reprogram its magnetic strip on the fly to mimic that card. There’s also a safety feature that will cause your smartphone to emit an alert if the two become separated, making it harder for you to forget Coin somewhere. Unfortunately, Coin only works with cards that don’t feature a chip, which makes it almost useless outside of the USA.

It’s $100 normally, but 50% off on pre-order now, with delivery starting in summer of 2014.

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