Coin Guitar Picks Give You Tone Without Tear

The material that makes up your guitar pick affects the tone and sound the axe makes. Any player worth his salt will tell you as much. And some people will swear by the sound that using coins, or quarters as picks will give them. But they’ll also warn you that your strings will quickly suffer the wear and tear of the un-smooth edge of the coin. The above Coin Guitar Picks aim to fix that by providing the same sought-after tone of an unadulterated coin, with the silky smooth edge of a traditional pick. Ranging in price from $10 to $30, they make the perfect gift for the musician in your circles.

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3 thoughts on “Coin Guitar Picks Give You Tone Without Tear”

  1. They look cool, definitely. The problem is that part of the sound of using coins as picks is the rough edge scraping against the strings. Remove that and they’re no different from the other metal pics that are available for half the price, and still wear through strings quickly because its still metal-on-metal.

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