Coffin Shaped Mouse

Coffin Mouse By Christen da Costa

Zspire has introduced one of the most morbid looking – and named – mouse ever. The Aluminum Coffin mouse is constructed of metal, metal alloys and plastic. It weights about 165 grams, measures 3″x4.5″x1.125″.

Zspire also plans the release of a copper version that will set you back $150. You can custom design (takes 25 days to process) a mouse by adding a logo or engraving, and can modify the buttons and cover with a satin aluminum, urban grass, white light, canvas blue, or iron gate finish.

The manufacturer does not recommend the mouse for gaming as it runs at 800 dpi.

Should set you back $120 for the aluminum version.

Available here.

Story via Gadgetreview via Softpedia

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  1. I can’t believe it only runs at 800dpi. They are missing a huge market by not going after gamers. After all, who customizes their PC more than gamers?

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