Coffee Joulies Promise Less Burning And More Drinking

Coffee Joulies Promise Less Burning And More Drinking

By David Ponce

The Coffee Joulies will cool down your coffee three times faster than normal, and will keep it at optimum temperature twice as long. The bean-shaped stainless steel shells contain a proprietary phase change material that is solid at room temperature. Once submerged in hot liquid, the material melts, absorbing heat in the process and cooling your drink. It gives this heat back out over time as it re-solidifies, thus warming the very drink that it cooled in the first place. Each Joulie will work with 5 ounces of liquid, so you have to figure out how many to use depending on the size of your drink. Should they rupture for some reason, the material inside is non toxic and “food grade”.

It’s an ingenious process and the Joulies are not currently on the market. But they’re about to be, as they’re a project on Kickstarter. The founders needed $9,500 to get off the ground and as of this writing, they’re at $76,142. It’s not too late to get in on the action and get a 20% on the $50 price tag on a personal set of 5.

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