Coffee Cup Inspired Power Inverter Sits Perfectly In Your Car

By Luke Anderson

I purchased my first car power inverter a good five or six years ago so that I could run my laptop while driving my car over long distances. This, coupled with an auxiliary input on my CD player meant that I had my entire music library, or a movie at my fingertips. (I’d just listen to the movie, I wouldn’t actually attempt to watch it, mind you.) Granted, nowadays iPods are much cheaper, and we have portable DVD players for movie watching, however, power inverters still come in handy. Finally, someone has realized that a clunky box does not sit well in a car, so they’ve created one that fits perfectly in your cup holder.

The logo on that inverter looks really familiar, but I can’t seem to put my finger on it (cough, Starbucks, cough). Other than it’s unique shape, there really isn’t much to tell about this little gadget. It’s good for 200 Watts and gives you two AC plugs and a single USB port. So long as you aren’t trying to run anything too power-hungry it’ll be worth the $30 for the convenience factor.

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  1. Actually, there's no stuff to place in the holder that fits perfectly but the actual cup itself. It's just great to come up with a power inverter having the looks & shape of a cup for a special purpose.

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