Coca-Cola's 125th Anniversary (Images courtesy Obscura Digital)

Coca-Cola Decides To Go The Subtle Route To Celebrate Their 125th Anniversary, Turns Their HQ Into A Giant Display

Coca-Cola's 125th Anniversary (Images courtesy Obscura Digital)
By Andrew Liszewski

Coca-Cola took a page from the ‘Go Big Or Go Home’ book to celebrate their 125th anniversary. They hired a company called Obscura Digital to turn all 4 sides of their Atlanta HQ building into a giant 26 story tall projection screen. All in all that amounts to over 200,000 square feet of projection surface. The setup also appears to use multiple projectors on the ground for each side, seamlessly lined up to create one giant animation.

The 2 hour show, which incorporates “transitioning narrative and cinematic pieces” as well as social media elements like photos uploaded to Coca-Cola’s Facebook page, runs every Thursday, Friday and Saturday night in May from 9 to 11pm. And according to the project’s page on the Obscura Digital website, the CO2 footprint of the event “is offset through Georgia‚Äôs Valley Wood Carbon Sequestration Project.”

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